Video on my blog.

2 03 2010

It was actually surprisingly easy to put video on my blog; however, we had to link it through youtube because word press makes you pay extra for video on your blog. Here is my video


The Loss of Alexander McQueen

12 02 2010

I stumbled upon the news of the death of Alexander McQueen yesterday afternoon on Yahoo! I was just looking at the top stories of the day and his death was one of them. I have personally never heard of McQueen because I have never followed fashion. I went on Facebook yesterday and not one of my friends had made any comments about his death. While most of my friends do not follow fashion, I found the cultural difference between the UK and the US interesting. After deaths of an actor or some less popular celebrity friends back home someone would usually make one or two comments about it, but not one for McQueen.

The cultural gap was not as prevalent after I researched the death by both formal and informal outlets. The more formal outlets like online newspapers, both in the US and UK,  told the same story of his tragic death. I did notice the UK sites went into further details about his last posts and how truly depressed he was over his mothers death. The social networking sites both in the US and the UK both showed a lot of public shock. People were posting links to videos of him and his collections, and talking about what a huge loss his originality will be. The social networking site did just what the name entitled; it networked people from around the world who had all been saddened by the loss of an apparent master of fashion. While most of the comments were about praise to McQueen some were negative and talked about how suicide was wrong. Some people even started making fun of him and made light of his death. However, overall the positive words outnumber the negative ones.

This is a test blog

9 02 2010

I am currently taking MAC299 at The University of Sunderland.

Hello world!

9 02 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!